Hotel Abadía de los templarios


Enjoy the surroundings

The huge gardens that surround the hotel are the perfect place for a wide range of sports and activities led by professional monitors. Choose the ones you like best and we'll help you plan your free time to make sure you enjoy your stay to the fullest.


Discover the many trails through the Sierra de Francia mountains and Natural Park Las Batuecas, two natural wonders just a stone's throw from the hotel.

14 €/Person


Our monitor will take you out to have fun and explore the more inaccessible natural sites while driving a quad.

40 €/Person


Rent a cycle and ride off into nature to discover the most beautiful natural landscapes while getting some exercise outdoors.

10 €/Person

Horseback riding

Enjoy the surroundings and discover the most beautiful parts of the Sierra de Francia with a one-hour guided horse tour.

25 €/Person

Treasure hunt

Have fun watching the little ones play. You’ll have as much fun as they do!

(Minimum 15 people)

45 €/Person


Test your aim and feel like a true medieval archer with this sport.

25 €/Person

Tennis / Padel

Enjoy these sports with your companions on our courts.

11 €/Person

Catamaran ride

Sail the waters of the Alagón River and visit the walled villa at Granadilla in Cáceres. The catamaran has space for 16 guests and we organise excursions for groups of 12 or more.

33 €/Person

Medieval dinner

Feel like you're in the Middle Ages with our medieval dinner at La Catedral restaurant in the main square of La Alberca. (Minimum 25 people).

45 €/Person

Hot-air balloon

Delight in a bird's-eye view of the surrounding landscapes. (Minimum 6 people)

198 €/Person


Take a one- or two-person kayak to explore the beautiful landscapes of the Alagón River. The tour of this breathtaking setting lasts approximately two hours.

40 €/Person

Visit a farm

Discover the rural and agricultural history of the area at a cattle farm.

(Minimum 15 people)

17 €/Person

Buggy rides

Prepare to have fun at top speed, driving a top-person buggy. There are several trails you can take with our monitor. Single -person buggy: €60.Two-person buggy: €75.Four-person buggy: €100.

60 €/Person